HDP Real Estate is a developer and consultant for alternative reuse and sustainable retrofitting of existing buildings. HDP Real Estate services the entire process for owners and users of existing buildings towards a new life and higher value of the real estate.

For the alternative reuse and sustainability of existing buildings HDP Real Estate has a strong vision. Initiatives for alternative reuse of existing buildings must come from the market and the authorities will have to be flexible. Only this way we can provide a new life for valuable buildings. Sustainable retrofitting of existing buildings for HDP Real Estate stands for better comfort for the occupants, lower costs and increased value of the real estate. This involves not only a reduction in energy use, but also refers to the daily use and future value of the building.

HDP Real Estate is the company of René Hersbach. With 25 years of experience as a project manager and developer of buildings, he now focuses on the alternative reuse and the sustainability of existing buildings.

"I am now convinced that in recent years we have built enough space for decades, making the task of the future lie in the better use of existing buildings".

Kind regards,
Rene Hersbach.